Thursday, May 2, 2013

Open Source Development with App Inventor: Part 0

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I am a big fan of tech video series. If I recall correctly, railscasts was the first one I watched, probably at about the same time that I started following TED talks (although the latter are not really a 'series' in itself, and not always about tech). Much more recently, I have very thoroughly enjoyed the AngularJS videos in, and I tend to watch as many full conferences as I can.

No surprises here then if I tell you that I have started recording my own series, right? The topic is App Inventor and Open Source. I have no idea how often I'll get a chance to record a video, but if you want me to talk about an specific part of the project, I'll do my best to get it online. I will always try to keep them shorter than 10 minutes (that's the format I generally enjoy more), so some topics will be divided into multiple videos. I do not intend to do any editing, so at times, you'll see me doing some weird stuff and getting it all wrong, but I won't be cutting stuff off, mostly for the sake of learning. Feel free to shout to the screen (as I do... at times...) or leave a comment, and I'll do my best to get it right in another video.

I am going to start with the basics, but this isn't really a 'Learn Java' kind of series; there are millions of resources out there to learn Java and Android, so I doubt we need yet another one (and I also doubt I can do a better job!). So if you know a bit of Java (or some other language), and you are familiar with the command line, and building programs from it, you are all set for the series... so let's get started!

Part 0: Before you start

Here are the links in the video:

Where to find stuff?
Main OSS Website:
IRC Channel: #appinventor

Other links:
Article about the command line.
Github and CodeSchool interactive tutorial.

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