Monday, April 6, 2009

The Virtual Worlds research Group

A talk about a piece of research dealing with virtual worlds or maybe a hands-on workshop is organised every Monday at 2pm(SLT) by the VWRG. Check the meeting schedule page for more info on every week 's meeting, or if you want to be punctually reminded you could join this facebook group.

There are a few other research meetings in SL but to be honest I have never attended one. Being in Europe makes it a bit difficult to attend if we are talking about American or Australian times. I have also joined recently the SL Education rountable group. Their meetings are on at 2.30pm(SLT). It looks interesting and if I'm not working on my project this Tuesday I might go. Let's see if I can make it, I would love to!

--- update:
The schedule is also replicated in the social presence wiki managed by Willow Shenlin.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Sloodle Project

One of my favourite things about virtual worlds is the ability to integrate other applications and communicate with the external web.

One of the nicest applications that I have used so far is sloodle also known as the simulation linked object oriented dynamic learning environment. This is an open source system that allows you to communicate with an external moodle application, a course management system also open source.

The sloodle team have been working in the SL grid for a long time but in the last month they've been porting it to work with opensim. They have been busy with the port and packaging but I cannot wait to test it!

They also have other nice projects as the sloodle browser.

If you need an intro to sloodle, there is an introductory class every tuesday at 1.30pm U.S. Pacific time in the sloodle clasroom.