Friday, January 14, 2011

sample sign-up task for the OWL development course

This is a sample of what I am expecting to see with applications for the course. The exercise is explained in the Sign-up task section at the main page of the OpenWonderland development course at P2PU.

Here is the screenshot of the bean-shell plugin working on my local Wonderland server:

Saying hi from beside the Beanshell Console

To get it to work I had to compile and run the core server, and then, from the wonderland-modules unstable folder, cd into the beanshell-plugin directory and type:
ant deploy

That deployed the module to my server. To activate it, I just added it from the main Wonderland menu (tools --> Beanshell console).

Reflection: I did not run into any trouble doing this, but this was only because I had done it before! call it cheating if you like! ;-)

And this is all you need to finish the sign-up task. The last step would be to apply for the course and send me the link to your blog post.

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