Friday, January 28, 2011

Empty module for Open Wonderland development

I was going through the first part of the 4 part tutorial Developing a new Cell when I realised that the empty module that is available for download contains quite an outdated classpath for use with Netbeans. So I decided to create a new one an upload it to my github account, mainly because in this way it can be developed further if things change in the near future (this pretty much means: feedback very welcome!).

As it stands now, the module is just an updated copy of the one in the tutorial. With time, I'm planning to modify the build file to add testing libraries (probably JUnit and mockito). It would be really cool if these dependencies could be 'pushed down' in to the Wonderland building system so that they are available to all module developers out of the box. But for now, feel free to clone, fork, or download the code.

If your local copy of Wonderland source files follows the structure in the README file, then you should be ready to go with little changes to the module (just a couple of rename actions, and the cusotmisation of

To make it even easier, I've recorded a screencast, and I've been working (in progress) on an update of the tutorial material.

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