Friday, August 17, 2012

Going back to work!

Last December I decided to quit my job and take 6 months off to focus on my PhD (Informal learning applied to computer programming). A lot has happened since, and it's been a fantastic time, but it is almost 9 months now since then, and it's time to look for full-time employment again.

Last May, when I had originally intended to go back to the market, I stumbled upon the opportunity of joining the App Inventor team at MIT through the Google Summer of Code programme. After some thought, and knowing that I wanted to do it, I went for it. I can only say that it's been a fantastic experience, I've learnt a lot, and have met some really interesting people.
App Inventor is built on top of the Android SDK, but there's a lot more to it than just Android. Other technologies used in the project are GWT and App Engine, and a portion of the system is built using Kawa, a Java implementation of Scheme. It's been a lot of fun hanging out with the team on G+, and designing a new workflow for App Inventor apps, but the programme is only 3 months long, and although I will keep working on the project in my spare time (it's open source, you can join us too!), the 3 months will be up soon.

Looking for a job in these times of so called recession will probably be harder than when I first arrived in Ireland, many years ago. There's also a lot to be said for working in something that you particularly enjoy, in a culture that suits you. All that stuff about intrinsic motivation that many companies don't seem to care much about, it matters a lot to me.

So, what am I looking for and/or what can I offer to my employer? Well, most of my experience is with Java and also have a small node.js app in production. I have written a tiny bit of python and have finished the saas class (rails) if that's of any use (I have a certificate!). I like no nonsense software processes (sometimes called Agile by some), and I like practices such as TDD, pair programming, and code reviews. I am happy eager to learn new things, and have a research background in education, social learning theories, and some related areas such as organisational theory, apprenticeship, and open source. I have a CV that I can send upon request, and I also have a github account and this blog. I co-organise some dev meetups in Dublin, to get people together and hack a bit or hear some presentations (dublinjs, frazzle, and a couple of code retreats). Also like meeting people online, and participating in communities such as P2PU and Open Wonderland, mostly around open source projects and learning.

And that is all I can think of right now; If that sounds like what you are looking for, please do get in touch.


  1. Hi Josmas,

    Check out this job post. We're looking for skilled UI engineers in our Dublin office:

  2. Hey Hob!

    thanks for the link. Really sorry I only saw it now... more than 1 month later! :S

    I need to monitor this more often. Anyway, I am already working but thanks again. Will keep it in mind for the future. See you around at a meet up soon!