Friday, September 30, 2011

the busiest September in years!

This has certainly been the busiest September for me in many many years. I can even say the busiest in my life.

After finishing August in a high note with the Ruby Ireland Rails 3.1 launch party, September started with a Ruby Project night in amworks in which we were working a bit on Conway's Game of Life.

The following week two events took place, on the Tuesday the dublinjs meetup with a fantastic backbone.js presentation by David and a kata by Wiktor, and on the Saturday I had the privilege to co-organise and co-facilitate the first code retreat in Dublin (and in Ireland as far as I know!).

If that was not enough, on Sunday I took a flight to Madrid to attend XPWeek. The Monday was a full day of talks, and the rest of the week I attended the TDD courses by Carlos Ble.

I have posts coming about some of these events so won't go into details here, but all the events were absolutely fantastic!

We have also been pushing a new release of Open Wonderland for a while and I think there will be some juicy news out very soon, which is very exciting!

And tomorrow, 1st of October I will certainly not be missing the SocketStream session that the AOL Dublin guys are preparing. That is if this stupid cold I've been nursing since I'm back in Ireland allows me to get out of bed!

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