Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wonderland Wednesday -- Subsnapshot importer

We've been working on a new Open Wonderland module for exporting and importing parts of a world for the last couple of months. The idea is that when you have a world laid out, you might want to export bits and pieces, or even the whole space, to rebuild it at a later stage or in a different server, or simply as a backup of all your hard work.

Exporting is done by just right clicking in a model or container and choosing Export.
Importing is done by just dragging and dropping the exported file onto the Wonderland client. Easy peasy!

A couple of shots from today's session, in wich we are exporting and importing a bunch of the big fellas.

Anyone needs an army?

Well behaved big fellas

bit to the left... bit to the right... perfect!

The module is taking this long to be developed because we are writing all the code as a group, and we only meet about 1 hour a week, so things are moving slowly.

As a result, we are all learning a big deal from each other, especially from Jon, but all of us have worked on parts of the module, which is really cool.

We are even using JUnit to test bits and pieces of the code. The codebase was not written with automated testing in mind, but we are doing all we can to move towards that direction, even if it's just in small doses, and the results are great so far, cause although we are quite far from being able to TDD or test-first even, testing after writing is saving us a lot of time in deploys and server restarts.

Also we are not really pairing but 'grouping', and although communication can be harder than in the former, we are having a lot of fun, and that is what really counts!

These are a couple of shots of us working against netbeans and also the space we use, with the wallcard on the far end wall with all the stickies.

Close up of Netbeans in-world
The group writing code, live

The WallCard with all the stickies: we are almost there! ...almost!
Better quality pictures can be found on facebook.
These sessions happen most Wednesdays at 1p.m EST, 6p.m GMT, and everybody is welcome, so hope to see some of you quite soon!

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